PMX 2010 Artists Market Layout

San Gabriel Room, Hilton Pasadena
  A1   A2   A3   A4                 B1  
  G1     F1     E1     D1     C1        
  G2     F2     E2     D2     C2        
  G3     F3     E3     D3     C3        
  G4     F4     E4     D4     C4        
  G5     F5     E5     D5     C5        
H1   H2   H3         P1                
     Best Tables
     Premium Half Tables
     General Full Tables
     General Half Tables
     Original 19 Tables
     Community Tables
     Control Desk
     Autograph Area
     Artist Seating
     Pillars (see right)

Scale: Approximately 3 feet per grid square. Tables are really 2.5' x 6'. Shopping corridors are wider in the actual layout.

Pillars. The center pillar is really only about 20" wide; the final hotel diagram places it at one end of table F3 so hopefully it will not prove too inconvenient in practice.

Table C4. This table has been assigned at the request of PMX Marketing in consideration for past and present prize donations from this Artist.